Seamlessly capture full resolution photo & video from all your guests.

How we are different 🤩

AI Content Tools

From safety-focused tools like explicit image blocking to convenience and sorting tools, we leverage AI to improve your experience and save you time. Learn more about our AI tool suite here.

Intelligent Duplicate Detection

Sometimes people can’t remember what they already sent you, so they send it all again. Don’t waste your time filtering through duplicate images and videos. Our proprietary duplicate detection will prevent files with identical content from being uploaded twice.

Beyond the Day-Of

You can configure your SnapSpace to open for submissions up to two weeks prior to the start of your event, and your site will remain open for up to 30 days.
Your meet & greet? They can submit that. Your rehearsal dinner? You can use your SnapSpace then too.

Organized Download Zip

When we bundle all of your content after submissions have closed, we don’t just throw it all into one giant folder. That’s not useful. Your zip file bundle will contain all of your uploaded media, organized into folders by who uploaded what. 

We have put time and effort into our bundling technology to meet real-world wants. Knowing who sent you a photo or video years from now when you’re searching your computer is part of that. 

No Account Needed to Participate

We value your and your guests’ privacy. Your guests will not need an account to upload memories on your SnapSpace, just your QR code. You paid for it, so we won’t force them to share their personal info with us to participate in YOUR event.
As the host of your SnapSpace, you will have an account to configure and manage it. 

Every Point of View

We don’t want to replace your photographer. But we do think amateur candids capture magical moments, and photographers are not in everyone’s budget. We want to supplement your day with your guests’ perspectives, not replace your official photos.

Disposable Cameras = $$$

Leaving cameras out for your guests is a great past time and can be great fun, but it’s expensive* and a hassle in an age where most of your guests will have smartphones with a better camera anyway. 

* $0.85-$1.25 per photo on average depending on film and scan quality (15 cameras = 27 photos per camera = 405 photos = roughly $345-$510 depending on film and development options selected.)

Tracking People Down = ⏱️

You can always track down friends and family directly after the event. But that’s a hassle for you, and maybe their plus one, whom you don’t know, is a quiet photography prodigy.

Custom Domain Names & Branding

For institutional and enterprise use cases. 

Details matter when creating a branded experience. We can accomodate setting up your institution’s SnapSpaces portal on a custom domain name with your brand colors. This will allow you to run all of your SnapSpaces and SnapSpaces accounts from a familiar, branded domain name: making SnapSpaces an integrated part of your tool stack, and giving your customers and guests a fully branded experience.

Additional fees apply, and may vary by use case.  Contact us for more information. 

Hashtags = Limiting

Your hashtag is awesome, but you never get to see fun life bloopers on social media, and they compress images and make it very difficult to download them for your permanent access or personal storage. Supplement your hashtag with quality, full-resolution, permanent photo memories from your guests: bloopers and all.

Gift a SnapSpace

Would you like to gift a SnapSpace to someone hosting a special event?


You can purchase a SnapSpace package and we will send an electronic gift voucher from you to them.

This will allow them to activate a SnapSpace using your pre-paid gift voucher.

How it Works 🥳

1. Activate your SnapSpace

Design & Activate your SnapSpace.

You can configure your site to open up to two weeks prior to your event date. Have a pre-wedding meet & greet? No Problem.

Your event page will remain open to submissions for up to 30 days from the date it opens. This allows folks using traditional cameras time to offload those high-res images!

2. Configure your Gallery

Every SnapSpace comes with a media gallery. You choose if you want your gallery accessible from your event page or keep it private and only share the directly link a select few. 

You can decide if new uploads should be included in the Gallery automatically, and even set up a delay if you want everything included but you need time to review them first. 

3. Distribute QR Code

If you select it in your price tier, we print & deliver matching event cards with QR codes to your site. You distribute the cards at your event.

All SnapSpaces come with a downloadable QR code that you can incorporate into your own designs. 

3. Guests Scan & Upload

Guests simply scan your QR code and upload the photos & videos they choose at any time, for the duration your site is open. Your guests are not required to create an account.

SnapSpaces supports large file uploads (up to 500mb per file) so you can receive those high quality Nikon shots, and sort videos like a wonderful toast.

4. You Enjoy & Download

After your SnapSpace closes, download all of your contributed photos & videos. We store them and run your gallery for 6 months. Download your bundle and enjoy them forever!

If you want to share the full media download bundle with specific people, you can invite them to join you on SnapSpaces and securely access your media bundle.