Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


SnapSpaces allows both photo and videos uploads, as long as each individual file is 500mb or less.


The owner of the SnapSpace must create an account with us to control and manage your site, however guests are not required to create any account with us to participate and upload photos on your site. We’ve designed SnapSpaces to encourage participation and remove unnecessary barriers. We are not trying to collect and use your guests personal information, it’s not how we make ends meet. You paid for your site, and your guests can use without further hurdles from us. 

You have control of your gallery. 

You can make your gallery accessible via your event site, or opt to keep it private and only share the directl link with people you choose.  

You can also control the publication settings for the upload themselves. You can choose to have all content visible in the gallery automatically, or choose to have them all private and then mark the few that you want to make public. 


If you have configured your site so that uploads are automatically visible in your gallery, you will have the option to set a custom delay on their publication. 

This means that when logged into your account, you will be able to review uploads in your Gallery Admin page during the delay period and mark those that you don’ t want shared as private. If you are not publishing photos to your gallery automatically, the delay option is not available, because it is not relevant since all images would be private by default.

While your SnapSpace is open to submissions, you can view and download individual items in your gallery. Once your site closes to new submissions, we will bundle all your media up for you automatically and send the owner a download link via email. Lost your link? Link expired? Once your media download bundle is prepared, you can re-download it at any time, on-demand, from your SnapSpaces account. 

We use the math that powers bitcoin (cryptography) to detect and prevent the upload of duplicate, identical content to your site, so you can spend more time enjoying memories and less time managing your gallery. 


Head over here  to learn about giving the gift of SnapSpaces.


SnapSpaces does not require an app download and is accessible via a normal internet browser. This means that people can contribute photos from their computer easily after they have exported them from any DSLR or other dedicated camera devices. 

At the moment, we don’t ship internationally. We and our printing partners are based in the US, and we cannot guarantee they will ship to all international destinations. We offer a basic tier that includes all the classic SnapSpace features, but skips the printed cards, and that is what we recommend for international customers. All SnapSpaces come with a downloadable QR code, so you can make your own designs and order from a printer in your area. 

AI of course! Sexually explicit images detected by our AI will always be blocked and removed, unless you have received a use-case waiver (must contact us to apply for one, additional fees apply and approval is at our sole discretion). 

However we offer a full suite of AI-powered tools that you can learn about here. 

We limit each individual file upload to 500mb max.

Depending on your SnapSpace tier or subscription, uploads may be limited either by total upload count or by total participant count. 

For perspective, most high-resolution, DSLR, cameras (the type professionals use) will produce photos that are 12-50mb in size– so we accept big files! Our goal is to accomodate video memories like capturing a special toast or speech.

What is a “unique participant”? Glad you asked. Please see FAQ: “What counts as a ‘participant’?”

Different tiers have differing limits on the number of uploading participants. If you need assistance with an event for over 1000 guests, contact us directly. 

Since we don’t require all your guests to create accounts to participate and upload– how do we know how many people there are?!  

We don’t literally know how many humans have participated, but we use proxy measurements. We track how many unique, SnapSpaces-issued device IDs have uploaded to your SnapSpace– this is an indirect measure of how many real-world people have uploaded.  Each unique device ID is issued by SnapSpaces the first time someone uploads from a physical device and remains their device ID across upload sessions unless they clear their browser data. If a single individual clears their browser data/cache, changes devices, etc. they will use more than one device ID. Because of this, we allow a 2:3 ratio of guests to “participants” when structuring our price tiers.

A SnapSpace tier designed for 100 guests/humans would allow 150 “participants” (unique SnapSpace-issued device IDs). 

If you are expecting over 1000 guests we’re happy to help; contact us for custom limits and pricing.