Give the gift of memories

SnapSpaces’ creation is rooted in gifting.

Our founder built the first ever SnapSpace as a gift, because she wanted to give her cousin something unique, that would capture candid memories of their wedding, and their guests experiences celebrating with them. We know our founder is not alone in this desire. That’s why we built the SnapSpaces gift voucher system. 

Our voucher system allows you to select any SnapSpace tier you would like and purchase a unique site activation code that will be sent directly to your recipient with your gift message.

Not sure what tier is right? Any voucher can be redeemed for a tier of equal or lesser value with no additional charge, but that won’t prevent your recipient from opting into a higher tier, or using add-ons like extra printed cards. If your recipient chooses a tier or add-ons that exceeds the value of your gift voucher, no sweat! Your gift voucher will still apply, and they will only be charged the remaining difference, just like a gift card!