Explicit Image Blocking: The Backstory

All SnapSpaces include explicit image blocking for free. This is for several reasons, safety chief among them. What do you mean by safety?

During the last year or two in talking with customers, we have had a lot of parents mention that SnapSpaces could be really great for events like prom and homecoming at their kids’ schools. That’s definitely true; there are a million ways to use SnapSpaces. This got us thinking: about our kids, about what we remember from being a teenager, about things you hear. This made us concerned.

People on our team remember drama from high school of photos that shouldn’t circulate getting shared. Maybe it’s a revenge motivation against that girl or guy who dumped you. Maybe someone thinks it’s funny. Maybe it was an accident. In short, we love the idea of using SnapSpaces to capture things like prom, but there is a double edged sword where it could be abused. This is why we built Explicit Image Blocking, and why we include it free with every SnapSpace. We don’t want SnapSpaces to be a place where someone is bullied using our technology: purposefully or not (cue Teenagers by my Chemical Romance).

Our AI automatically scans all newly uploaded images for sexually explicit content, and blocks images found to contain it. The administrator of the SnapSpace will have analysis information about the incident and blocked image. They will be able to see the IP address the upload originated from, any information filled out by the uploader, what content was found that caused it to be blocked, and when it happened. They won’t have the actual photo in their gallery, or have to deal with manually moderating these images. We have an AI do this because, if we are being honest, we don’t want manually review d*ick pics either.

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