AI Content Tools

We’ve invested in developing sophisticated tools to save you time and headache when managing and locating the content you really want.

Explicit Image Blocking

At SnapSpaces, we value safety. That’s why we added AI-powered explicit image blocking. All image uploads are sent through our AI and any found to have sexually explicit content are blocked and removed. As the manager of your SnapSpace, you will be able to see analysis information about any images that were blocked, without having to manually review or moderate. 

This feature was important to us to protect both you and your guests from malicious uploads, or accidental “oopsie” uploads if they mis-selected from their camera roll. 

Customizable Image Moderation Filters

In addition to Explicit Image Blocking, which is standard and included for all SnapSpaces, we offer customizable moderation filters. SnapSpaces using this feature allow you to customize your own moderation flags. All uploads are then scanned by our AI, and images found to have flagged content are put into a holding tank for manual review. 

This allows you to publish uploaded content to your gallery in real-time with added peace of mind. 

Image Quality Rating

If you have hundreds or thousands of photos, not every one is going to be an Ansel Adams. Our proprietary image rating will rank all of your submitted images based on image attributes such as foreground clarity, contrast, and lighting. 

In your gallery, you can using the filters powered by our proprietary rating system to quickly view find the highest quality images first. 

Image Content Labeling

When you have a huge number of images, you might want to quickly find images with specific subject matter. We make that easy. 

Want to find all the images that have a dog in them? Images that have a boat? We will send all your images through our AI and allow you to filter by the content tags in your gallery. 


Image Color Labeling

Our AI will analyze the colors present in all uploaded images and tag the top 5 most dominant colors present in the image. This allows you to easily locate image content that matches any color theme you need. 

Have an upcoming theme in your marketing posts? Looking for images that complement your brand colors? Save yourself hours of manually sorting through photos and let us do the grunt work for you.

In-Image Text Tagging

Are you hosting a sporting event and want to allow people to locate images of themselves? Look no further! 

Leveraging our in-image text parsing, we can analyze all uploaded images and pull out the legible text so you can quickly search for images with matching tags. This works exceptionally well for events that involve any type of bib number, like running races. 

With a collegiate distance runner as our founder, you might be able to guess where this feature came from!


Intelligent Duplicate Protection

Sometimes people can’t remember what they already sent you, so they send it all again. Don’t waste your time filtering through duplicate images and videos. Our proprietary duplicate detection will prevent files with identical content from being uploaded twice.

Strictly speaking, this is cryptography (the tech behind bitcoin). We’ve leveraged it to build a proprietary method of preventing duplicate photo and video uploads. And yes, it’s smart enough to detect a duplicate, even if you changed the file name.