How we are different 🤩

Beyond the Day-Of

You can configure your SnapSpace to open for submissions up to two weeks prior to the start of your event, and your site will remain open for 30 days.
Your meet & greet? They can submit that. Your rehearsal dinner? You can use your SnapSpace then too.

No Account Needed to Participate

We value your and your guests’ privacy. Your guests will not need an account to upload memories on your SnapSpace, just your QR code. You paid for it, so we won’t force them to share their personal info with us to participate in YOUR event.
As the host of your SnapSpace, you will have an account to configure and manage it. 

Disposable Cameras

Leaving cameras out for your guests is a great past time and can be great fun, but it’s expensive* and a hassle in an age where most of your guests will have smartphones with a better camera anyway. 

* $0.85-$1.25 per photo on average depending on film and scan quality (15 cameras = 27 photos per camera = 405 photos = roughly $345-$510 depending on film and development options selected.)


Your hashtag is awesome, but you never get to see fun life bloopers on social media, and they compress images and make it very difficult to download them for your permanent access or personal storage. Supplement your hashtag with quality, full-resolution, permanent photo memories from your guests: bloopers and all.

Tracking People Down

You can always track down friends and family directly after the event. But that’s a hassle for you, and maybe their plus one, whom you don’t know, is a quiet photography prodigy.

Every Point of View

We don’t want to replace your photographer. But we do think amateur candids capture magical moments, and photographers are not in everyone’s budget. We want to supplement your day with your guests’ perspectives, not replace your official photos.